Christian Orthodox Asceticism

There is still a nominal presence of hermetic ascetics with the Christian Orthodox practice in Eastern Europe. It is interesting to discern the clarity of their perspectives in contrast to the hypocrisy of modern competitive hedonism.

Asceticism has it’s parallels in the Vedas. Most preaching stresses going into the towns to spread harinam and literatures.

Book distribution appears to be an impetus for creating varna asrama in the modern age if it is possible at all.

Narada preferred the peace of the forest. I myself possess inclination for the tranquility of nature to the hypocrisy of the city.

This type of renunciation is reserved for the older ages and direct preaching has been stressed.

However if one is good at what one does it may justify the sacrifice…

All Glories To Srila Prabhupada!!!!

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