Rasa and Swarupa

New Dwarka Dham 

Persons on the path to Godhead surrender in different manners according to one’s rasa. Here we see in authorization that Krishna as Godhead is the Absolute Truth. Those attempting to return to Vaikuntha follow their own inclinations.

Here are Texts 9,10,13 from Srila Bhaktivinoda’s Sri Krsna Samhita.

Text 9

Those who serve the Lord with opulence have a natural mood of awe and reverence. Therefore the affection ends with prema, or love; for due to insufficient faith, there is no pranaya or intimacy.

Text 10

The faith of those who serve the Lord in the conjugal rasa is extremely strong. Therefore their affection advances up to maha-bhava.

Text 13

There is no difference between Krsna and Narayana. He appears as Narayana to eyes absorbed in opulence, and He appears as Krsna to eyes absorbed in sweetness. Actually there is no difference in the Absolute Truth. A difference is considered only among people who discuss the Absolute Truth and in the discussion of the Absolute Truth.

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