Emergence of the Perfect Dictator

Originally Posted April 04 2006

David Nollmeyer

Thomas Hobbes

Homini homo lupus

Man is a wolf to man…

The concept of spirituality and philosophy are important in a fully developed presentation regarding the Irrationalist Presidents. In a perspective of whom is the observer and lawgiver, this grants an inherent right or exclusion for an actor to grant or deny a dispensation. Here there is a defacto set of code officers who are blackmailing behaviors from the president downward to the citizen.

It is the immediate right and jurisdiction of the state to prosecute. The import to comprehend the nature of the system MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization to operate is extensively based on theology and philosophy that would render even a well written complaint frivolous based on the competency of the United States Federal Court system.

In degree, a discussion of Eternal Law and Absolute Rights would occur first. In theory this conspiracy was constructed from a Christian victory in a Future State. In reality the rule of law and rights have been cast aside for a system of racketeering and subjective interests of individuals. This  disintegrating equilibrium is maintained by corruption and force. A totalitarian environment prevails and history is being sanitized.

For the purposes of simplicity the concept of the Social Contract was chosen due to its history of jurisprudence in the history of the Unites States. It’s two main proponents are John Locke and Jean Jacque Rousseau.

The president is  our sovereign and there can only be one president leading our country under the constitution. This gives the president whose enfranchisement was from the creation of the citizen, extraordinary duties to protect the citizen and the homeland. The constitution does not permit the president to act in a defacto or omissive manner.

The invertaebration of The Social Contract by Rousseau has always been construed as a form of democratic tyranny. It’s greatest historical example has been the Fuehrer Principle of the Third Reich. Political philosophers regarding the Unites States have basically regarded Locke’s 2nd Treatise on Civil Government as more pertinent to this country.

What is more integral to this issues is the planned evolution of a Perfect Dictatorship in the setting of democracy. Under these social dimensions Rousseau’s work emerges as more prominent.

Book One Chapter Seven presents the template for invertaebration. Here the head of state is clearly only represented by itself without substitute. The invertaebration in order for it to be fulfilled must substitute a defacto or negligent figure or system of heads of states.  To complete the history of the Irrationalist Presidents a Pontius Pilate Paradigm is created from rank and file law officers whom have impunity created for them by a foreign law school. This would be Los Angeles Police Department and Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom.


THIS formula shows us that the act of association comprises a mutual undertaking between the public and the individuals, and that each individual, in making a contract, as we may say, with himself, is bound in a double capacity; as a member of the Sovereign he is bound to the individuals, and as a member of the State to the Sovereign. But the maxim of civil right, that no one is bound by undertakings made to himself, does not apply in this case; for there is a great difference between incurring an obligation to yourself and incurring one to a whole of which you form a part.

Attention must further be called to the fact that public deliberation, while competent to bind all the subjects to the Sovereign, because of the two different capacities in which each of them may be regarded, cannot, for the opposite reason, bind the Sovereign to itself; and that it is consequently against the nature of the body politic for the Sovereign to impose on itself a law which it cannot infringe. Being able to regard itself in only one capacity, it is in the position of an individual who makes a contract with himself; and this makes it clear that there neither is nor can be any kind of fundamental law binding on the body of the people — not even the social contract itself. This does not mean that the body politic cannot enter into undertakings with others, provided the contract is not infringed by them; for in relation to what is external to it, it becomes a simple being, an individual.

But the body politic or the Sovereign, drawing its being wholly from the sanctity of the contract, can never bind itself, even to an outsider, to do anything derogatory to the original act, for instance, to alienate any part of itself, or to submit to another Sovereign. Violation of the act by which it exists would be self-annihilation; and that which is itself nothing can create nothing.

The Sovereign

One must consider that the Constitution that the law creates the president as the chief manger of the system. Here we see that if the usurpation is successful we have a lower level subsystem micromanaging a component that should have had authority over the subsystem. In the United States the Attorney General is  the chief law officer with the ABSOLUTE POWER to press or dismiss charges.

The beginning is everything. President Reagan, once he decisively new that a crime was being committed had by law to act regardless of any philosophical considerations. The correct thing to do was to bring the issue to United States Attorney General Edwin Meese III.

This issue as demonstrated has certain legal and ethical predicaments. The manifest activity of MOEC and/or AKBAR  begins with Reagan. Personally, after twenty years of misfortune do not consider the conditions during Reagan to begin to approach the disintegration of the Clinton and G.W. Bush administrations.

What the world is witnessing is the collapse of leadership by the head of state of the world’s only pre-eminent superpower. It is clear that the United States can be blackmailed and extorted well beneath a nuclear threshold.

What is also critically at stake is the rule of law itself. Are there innate rights of man which even the powerful should obey.? There are also serious health considerations due to the cowardly response of the Irrationalist Presidents. As the disenfranchisement of myself at the hands of these mismanagers is prima facie, it is absurd for me to develop these personalities as leaders. 

Homo sapiens has not developed the repertoire to adequately meet the challenge  presented at hand.Species failure is the true platform. The legitimacy of democracy is at stake. This is due to the Social Contract theory being the universally accepted model. Hence the Universal System headed by the United Nations stresses democracy and suffrage by voting to promote the leadership and hence sovereign.

Here in the particular the United States Constitution is under attack by alienating only one particular citizen against the enfranchised rights. This would be the Bill of Rights proper. (I am going to posit numbers 1-9. Number ten gives rights back to the States.)

The attack is upward from LAPD to the cognition of the President and all three executive branches. The rule of law is based on rights and duties and who has obligations to perform duties. Hence primary law are the substantive rights and secondary law are those principles and institutions used to uphold the primary law.

This invertaebration reverses the due process and place power into the hands of the police without check.

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