Chemical Weapons Terrorism

The incidence of Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear terrorism appears to be slowly escalating. Historically the groups below have empirical records of using non-conventional weaponry. The Stuxnet virus which is the most complex worm ever placed on a computer has disabled Iran’s nuclear program. This was allegedly the work of the United States and Israel.

Currently five United States Presidents are condoning the use of Chemical Weapons Terrorism with impunity:

                        • Ronald Reagan
                        • George HW Bush
                        • William Clinton
                        • George W Bush
                        • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama has just announce to his re-election on April 4, 2011. He does not posses the moral courage to lead in his own country while fighting wars with very intense propaganda in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

    The use of totalitarian tactics creates a fatalistic Homeland Security Agency (Law Enforcement) and a dependent population. Some have postulated these structures along a Stockholm Syndrome – Cognitive Dissonance Continuum. 

    It is prima facie that fanatical faith based and political terror groups are working alone. State sponsorship and impunity are sustaining very degrading events worldwide and in the United States.

    The degradation of health and tangible property in the United States and particularly California is quite high.

    The event is a purge of informants in a quid pro quo blackmail ring. This means that persons have received some tangible remuneration and are now seeing that wealth, health, and posterity ruined. Hence no one is willing to call out the Wizard of Oz as the population and sanctity of the Black Forest escalates.

    There is evidence that the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is a Cultural Singularity symbiotically paired with Technological Singularity. Most Technical Singularity thinkers are strictly modeling hardware in the abstract. By ignoring concrete history they are dooming the software component of super intelligence.

    Technological Singularity is scheduled to be manifest in 2045 with a declining window to 2070.

    kusun savor Kusum Savor

    Bhagavad Gita 1.40 -43

    “Oh Krishna! when there is upheaval of irreligiosity, the family women become corrupted. And on the women’s becoming corrupted, Oh the descendant of Vishnu! irregulated population flourishes.”

    “Such irregular population is the source of hellish existence both for the family and the destroyer of the family traditions. By such actions the forefathers of the family are degraded on account of ceasing the custom of offering foodstuff and water.
    “By such faulty actions of the destroyers of family traditions the eternal traditional national significance is also spoiled due to the cause of increasing an irregulated population.

    “Oh Janardana (the killer of unwanted men)! men who are spoiled by such destruction of family tradition certainly do habitate always in the hell. I have heard this from authoritative sources.”



    Based on historical record, religious/apocalyptic groups pose the greatest threat (e.g. Rajneeshees, Aum Shinrikyo)
    Globally, terrorists generally have preferred the “instant” gratification of explosives
    Many non-WMD alternatives available to terrorists
    Terrorists tend to use CBW that
    Require little educational training
    Require little manipulation
    Are easily deployed (crude dissemination methods)
    Chemicals are the terrorist CBW agents of choice
    Most biological cases are hoaxes
    U.S. anthrax attacks a watershed?
    Sophisticated biological processing and dissemination techniques
    Lack of restraint to cause mass casualties

    Other Aspects of CBW Terrorism Threat

    Dual use agents and technologies
    Wide access to CBW information
    Internet resources and “how to” books
    Relatively low cost
    Little infrastructure required for CBW
    High consequence pathogens and toxins stored and used in laboratories and culture collections throughout world

    Frequent outbreaks of exotic, highly infectious disease

    Large stockpiles of chemical agents in Russia under questionable security

    Most chemical agents widely available

    Unemployed weapons engineers

    Reynolds M. Salerno, Ph.D.Sandia National Laboratories February 2003

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