Sri Radhastakam


Sri Radhastakam

By Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Gitavali

(Song 5)

mahabhava-cintamani udbhavita-tanu-khani

sakhi-pati-sajja prabhavati

karunya-tarunya ara labanya-amrta-dhara

tahe snata lakhmi-jayi sati

Sri Radha is a cintamani jewel of ecstatic love. Her form is a treasury of precious jewels. Dressed and decorated by Her friends, She is most glorious. Bathing in the nectars of compassion, youth, and luster, She eclipses the beauty of even the goddess of fortune Lakhmidevi.

lajja patta-bastra jara saundarja kunkuma-sara

kasturi-citrita kalebara

kampasru-pulaka-ranga stambha-sweda-swara-bhanga

jadyonmada naba-ratna-dhara

Her dress is composed of various kinds of silken garments that may be compared to Her natural shyness. Her beauty is more and more enhanced, being decorated with red kunkuma, which is compared to beauty itself, and blackish musk, which is compared to conjugal love. Thus Her body is decorated with different colors. Her ornaments embody the natural symptoms of ecstasy: trembling, tears, jubilation, reddish color, stunning, perspiration, faltering of the voice, inertness, and madness. In this way the entire body is bedecked with these nine different jewels.

panca-bimsati-guna phula-mala su-sobhana

dhiradhira bhava-patta-basa

pihita-mana-dhammilla saubhagya-tilakojjwala


The beauty of Her body is enhanced by Her twenty-five transcendental qualities, which hang as a flower garland on Her body. The ecstasy of love for Krishna is known as dhira and adhira, sober and restless. Such ecstasy constitutes the covering of Sri Radha´s body, and it is adorned by camphor. Her transcendental anger toward Krishna is embodied as Her braided and ornamented hair, and the tilak of Her great fortune shines on Her beautiful forehead. The earrings of Sri Radha are the holy names of Krishna as well as the hearing of His name and fame.

raga-tambulita-ostha kautilya-kajjala-spasta

smita-karpurita narma-sila

kirti-jasa-antah-pure garva-khattopari sphure

dulita prema-vaicittya-mala

Her lips are always reddish due to the betelnut of ecstatic affection for Krishna. The black ointment around Her eyes is Her tricky behavior with Krishna brought about by love. Her joking with Krishna and gentle smiling is the camphor with which She is perfumed. She sits in Her room upon a bed of pride and the transcendental variety of Her loving ecstasies is like a jeweled locked in the midst of Her necklace of separation.

pranaya-rosa-kanculi- pihita stana-jugmaka

candra-jayi kacchapi-rabini

sakhi-dwaya-skandhe lila- karambujarpana-sila

syama syamamrta-bitarani

Her transcendental breasts are covered by Her sari in the form of affection and anger toward Krishna. She has a stringed instrument known as a kacchapi-vina, which is the fame and fortune that actually dries up the faces and chest of the other gopis. She always keeps Her lotuslike hands on the shoulder of a gopi friend, who is compared to Her youthful beauty, and She distributes the nectar of Lord Syamasundara to all.

e heno radhika-pada tomadera su-sampada

dante trna jace taba paya

e bhaktivinoda dina radha-dasyamrta-kana

rupa-raghunatha deho taya

Sri Radha´s feet are your treasure. Placing a straw between his teeth, poor Bhaktivinoda prays, ” O Srila Rupa Gosvami, O Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, please bestow upon me a drop of the nectarian service to Sri Radhika.”

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