David Bruce Hughes

David Bruce Hughes is an independent diksa guru who has fell under scrutiny for allegedly starting a tantric sex club among devotees. It appears there is some relevancy to these claims as Hughes has made a video and addressed some of the issues at hand.

Here Hughes confirms that his siddhanta is similar to the sahijayas. If this is the case mainstream Gaudiya Vaishnavas folowing under Bhaktivinoda – Saraswati – Prabhupada should steer clear of interpretations that portray the gopis as havimg mundane conjugal relationships with Krishna in the sense the jivas in material life enjoy sex life.

It appears that Hughes has engaged in same sex practices also.

Under these conditions LAPD has accused  me of condoning or supporting these actions which is not the case.

If one is concerned with the actions of David Bruce Hughes I would proceed with caution do to the aforementioned reasons.

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