Defection Under Totalitarianism

Much of Gaudiya Vaishnava preaching is universal and does not concern the particular. We are always told that the truth is ABSOLUTE and we will return to Godhead.

We should never lose site of these simple universal precepts.

Arjuna however overcame his doubts about killing his own family and chose to fight a war against his dynastic family.

Here the world has experience a Singularity concerning censor and sanitizing a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth. This is being carried out by the United States for a manifest time since 1987 and dates much earlier.

The allegation is that the United Kingdom authored such.

Recently Presidential candidate Rick Perry stated that US Marines who are implicated on urinating on dead Taliban fighters are only kids.

Anyone who has experienced first hand the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth in California or about 45 others states realizes being sprayed by chemicals or eating contaminated food is irrational and equivalent to torture.

President Barack Obama is 50 and Rick Santorum is 53. The writing on the wall states that those born in 1955 and later who are sworn officials have the strongest chance of being prosecuted in a Nuremberg styled trial.

I am along the Colorado River near Blythe CA – Ehrenberg AZ and it feels like someone has urinated on the human race.

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