Open Letter to Radhanatha swami


Dear Radhanatha Swami,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! I am writing to you today to inform you of the use of your identity by of the Poison in the Well fallacy and your connection to President Obama.

Since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware under then President Reagan a manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth began being lead by a Gay Militia lead out of LAPD California. These actors wished to damage Reagan which they have done even though a Cultural Singularity of censorship and sanitization.

This attack is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School lawyers to expose a history of state planned eugenics and human rights abuse.

It appears that these lawyers control Encyclopaedia Britannica which has just ended it’s hard copy. As seen they were concerned about the proliferation of thinking machines in the 1930s.

It appears they designed Singularity based on exponential productions which Ray Kurzweil and Ray Moore are credited with advancing.

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is REVERSE ENGINEERING to Technological Singularity. In 2046 thinking machines and artificial intelligence AI are predicted to equal than surpass the skill of humans. This would result in what is called superintelligence.

In February of 2007 there was an escalation of the attack to despoil all surface water, tap water, air clothing, and food in my vicinity. Hence the Colorado River at Earp CA – Parker AZ began what is known as Operation Radhanatha. The Salton Sea, Nolo River, and the Pacific Ocean have been attacked.

I am independent ritvik Hare Krishna who associates on merit not only institutional alignment or groupism. The attack and defamation on you and Hridayananda das goswami, other bhaktas and bhaktins is quite severe. I became a vegetarian at 16, do not use any illegal drugs or alcohol (caffeine clean), do not gamble, or engage in illicit sex. I do not support Same Sex Marriage or Gay Monogamy as Hridayananda das goswami has proffered as Vedic.

Hence the United States Constitution is the suprasystem of the American democracy. I have been alienated from my Bill of Right protections because I am a heterosexual male.

Here I am writing from Blythe CA and the Colorado River is despoiled. The wheat and cotton fields adjacent to me are so heavily SCORCHED the plants would burn your hand if you walked into such and touched them.

Obama as the Singularity Target

Superintelligence will not occur without identify and Officially Recognition of this Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

Obama and Mary Bono Mack R-45th CA and myself are all cohort rivals under ideal Father and and Mother figures (Radha – Krishna). One’s natural parentage are also one’s real not ideal role models (hence neo Freudian eugenics). Since I am one day older than Obama being born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell NM, he should be 79 on 2046. The administration of Part I and Part II crimes by homeland Security is being developed under a hypothetical prosecution of Obama at this time. All sworn public officials born from 1955 have a strong possibility of being prosecuted.

I am the most stalked person in United States, perhaps world history. I am alleging that the Presidents from Reagan – Obama are guilty of crimes against humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidation of witnesses and mutilating evidence.

The reasoning here is if a supercomputer as IBM’s Watson will not identify the proximate cause , sine qua non, and the principals and accomplices during and after the attack than Cambridge is successful. They can openly blackmail and extort five United States presidents.

Your recent published photo of yourself with Barack Obama raises doubts about your intentions.

For probable cause arrest at least a 50 percent certainty of conviction is needed. I would argue that Obama is facing within a limit of 100 percent conviction. If parts per billion tests are made on the physical environment here combine with the testimony of even homeless persons lest a sworn police who is aware of the attack Obama will be convicted.

He clearly is running a de facto and ommissive regime. Republican contender Mitt Romney is no better than collusive.

In degree I have misjudged the severity of the Chemical Assault – Scorched and believe that the critical time period concerning my arc of lifespan necessitates that I expose actors, processes and structures sustaining a crime against humanity. I will simultaneously use Kuhn – Popper methodologies and guru, sadhu, sastra to create a viable record of facts and points of law.

Think tanks as TedTalks, Heritage Foundation, and as well as the University of California are also strong outposts of sanitization.

In conclusion I am seeking legal justice and compensation for what torture and cruel and unusual treatment.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

April 7, 2012

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