Reflections on the Murder of Sulochana



I had visited New Vrndaban on at least two occasions. I stayed in Kirtanananda’s asrama downstairs. I met Tirtha, Thomas Drescher on at least one occasion outside the then Prabhupada’s Palace. LAPD had kept New Vrndaban under electronic surveillance. What occurs is that when a new comer appeared, Tirtha was sent out to check this person out. In this manner one would be able to hear the electronic surveillance that LAPD had on this person.


Tirtha – Thomas Drescher

This is a prisoner’s dilemma based fallacy. Here LAPD is entrapping the Kirtnanananda and ISKCON. They are subsidizing Tirtha’s worth by only disclosing background on a person when Tirtha, an enforcer was in the vicinity. I checked out with ease. This vindicated Kirtnanananda’s permitting me to stay in the asrama.

kirt. crown


Another interesting ruse used was that LAPD would leak data to Kirtananda when persons wore the Srila Prabhupada’s  Crown. I have seen this happen. Kirtananda would wear the Crown. Other devotee’s would get to wear the Crown. In this manner Kirtanananda would gather bits and pieces of information from LAPD.


Kirtanananda Abbot


The Oprichniki were the secret police of Ivan the Terrible during the 1500s. The instruments of Ivan’s new rule were the ‘Oprichniki’, who were handpicked by Ivan and had to swear him a personal oath of allegiance. The mere sight of the Oprichniki instilled fear: they dressed in black and rode black horses. Many were criminals without any remorse about killing anyone Ivan disliked. The Oprichniki didn’t hesitate to burst into a church during mass, either abducting the priest or murdering him in front of the altar. Subsequently, Ivan founded a pseudo-monastic order: he was the ‘abbot’ and his Oprichniki were the ‘monks’.

The Oprichniki form the trajectory that developed the Russian Mafia and KGB.

I lived in the Bay Are – Oakland and Berkeley, California from 1984 to about 1987. In this time frame at the University Theater, A Clockwork Orange was a mainstay at the University Theater. This futuristic movie is based on the novel by Anthony Burgess focuses on a futuristic punk gang lead by Alex and his droogs or Russian друг, “friend”, “buddy”.  Alex speaks in nadsat, which incorporates elements of Russian and Cockney English. Located in England, this psychopathic scenario develops the emergence of crime by police leading gangs. Such gangs and police officers Break into a Theater. The two gangs fight each other on cue on stage until their police leaders can decide whom is stronger.

Fans of the film dress up in the clothing in the style of Alex who drinks moloko or milk, and listens to opera. These characters would visit the Berkeley in full regalia. This occurred in 1985 before Sulochana was killed. Many devotees talked to the persons.

Just days after publishing the Guru Business, Sulochana was murdered in Los Angeles by Tirtha on May 22, 1986.

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