Prabhupada on Fascism


Acyuta-nanda: Yes. In Europe, when Christianity first came to Constantine, the priests would stay in the top of a river, and they marched an army through the river, and the priest put the holy water, and when the army came on the other side they said, “Now you’ve all been baptized. You’re all Christians.” Mass conversion. [break] …Hindu groups are mixing Hinduism and Indian nationality, it’s fascism. That was also the government’s…

Tama-la Krsna: Huh?

Acyuta-nanda: Fascism.

Tama-la Krsna: Who?

Acyuta-nanda: The Hindu groups. That was the point that enraged the government. The same pan.d.itas with the pra-yas’citta, they don’t like the Mohammedans, they don’t like the Christians. They say, “You have created Pakistan, so all the Mohammedans should go there. This is Hindustan.”

Prabhupada: Murvi(?) meat here?

Indian man (1): Not everyone did.

Prabhupada: Mostly.

Indian man (1): Mostly. Nowadays it is a fashion to eat when the take in a house.

Prabhupada: Taking?

Indian man (1): Yes, they take it.

Tamala Kr.s.n.a: The

Indian man (1): Yes, most of them. [break]

Prabhupada: …sambhava. Where is brhmana? All sudra.

Indian man (1): But according to…. [break]

Prabhupada: …not vegetarian. We are neither nonvegetarian. We eat krsna-prasa-dam. Kr.s.n.a says, “Give me this food.” Patram. pus.pam. phalam. toyam. [Bg. 9.26]. So we offer Him, and then we eat it, so we have nothing to do with vegetarian and nonvegetarian. If Kr.s.n.a says that, “You give Me flesh,” then we can eat flesh also. But Krsna does not say that.

Tama-la Krsna: S’ri-la Prabhupa-da? I have heard one person say that patram. pus.pam. phalam. toyam. doesn’t include other things. There are many other things that we offer Kr.s.n.a besides patram. pus.pam. phalam. toyam..

Prabhupa-da: Yes.

Tama-la Krsna: So similarly, why can’t we offer meat? He doesn’t say, “Don’t offer me meat.”

Prabhupa-da: Hm. Hm?

Tama-la Kr.s.n.a: In the Bhagavad-gita- it doesn’t say you can’t offer Krsna meat.

Prabhupada: So if you like, you can do that.

Tamala Krsna: I don’t want to.

Prabhupa-da: (chuckles) What directly He says, you have to take. And if you interpret, that can be interpreted.

Acyuta-nanda: They have rewritten the Bible, “Thou shalt not murder.”

Prabhupa-da: [break] …can be used as paper weight. (laughter) [break] …use anything for Krsna.

Yas’oda-nandana: …temples they are worshiping this Dva-raka–s’ila- with the s’alagramas’ila.

Prabhupada: That’s all right, but we have no such instruction. (end)

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